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This bike paid for:

  • 2 hours of HUB Staff time
  • Pizza for Volunteers at our weekly Volunteer Night
  • Wood for shelving at our new space on the Avenue

Your old clunker hanging in the Garage, the bike your child has outgrown, or the bike you don’t know what to do with after upgrading for Christmas – these are the bikes that can be turned into support for The Ventura Bike HUB. When you donate an old bike, we fix it up and sell it to cover the costs of making people happy. Volunteers, Staff, and the Community all benefit when you donate a bike, bike parts, or other bike stuff to the Ventura Bike HUB.

Drop off your donations at the HUB during open hours for donations: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 3-7pm, and Saturday from 11am-3pm. Your bike donations are tax deductible, and you will have our gratitude!

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