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December 11, 2022 4:00 PM, PST


Community Park (Telephone & Kimball Roads), Ventura

Event Details:

Decorate your wheels and parade the park in a family-friendly atmosphere. Prizes for Entries! Fun Booths and Exhibits!  

How to Register:

Register now! Individuals, families, small groups, organizations, businesses are welcome.

All entrants must follow participant rules and parade guidelines below:

Participant Rules and Guidelines

The Holiday Parade on Wheels is a fun friendly community event promoting recreation and sustainable transportation throughout Ventura County.  Participants are invited to decorate their wheels and enter to ride and march and be judged if so desired.  As host of the event, BikeVentura County wants this to be a zero waste event to preserve the environment for future generations.  

Parade Marshalls

Parade marshalls will be stationed on the route to assist participants maintain a safe & orderly procession; Please follow any instructions/directions that a parade marshall may give you.  Parade marshalls are there to keep the parade running smoothly and provide guidance.  Ask a marshall for help if you pull over for a repair, need to pause or aren’t able to complete the route.  If you see something that isn’t right, speak up to a parade marshall.

General Entry Guidelines

  1. Commercial entries may include signs which are fully contained within their entry.
  2. Costume and clothing will be ‘G’ rated.
  3. Parade entries will not throw or distribute any item along the parade route.  This includes throwing candy, handing out toys, sprinkling confetti, releasing balloons or passing out commercial tokens of any kind.
  4. No flame or fireworks of any kind is permitted.
  5. There is no smoking, ecigs, vaping permitted by parade participants at any time during the event hours.
  6. Alcoholic beverages, including ‘hard’ ciders or seltzers, of any kind are prohibited in Community Park.
  7. Decorated entries will have no political or violent theme or signage of any kind.
  8. This is a zero waste event.  Please be aware of your waste footprint for the event. 

Floats, Pets and Music

  1. Floats pulled by wheeled entries are permitted.  
  2. Amplified music is permitted at a volume which does not disturb adjacent entries.  Volume must be turned down if suggested and/or turned off if requested by a parade marshall.
  3. Pets must be leashed or crated and contained within an entry at all times.

Motorized Wheels

  1. Absolutely no combustion motorized entries permitted.
  2. The parade priority is for non-motorized wheel with the following exceptions: 
    1. Motorized wheelchairs and related equipment for those requiring them are allowed. 
    2. Pedal assist ebikes are allowed only at the parade pace of 5 mph maximum or slower. 
    3. Other electric motorized wheels are allowed only at the parade pace of 5 mph maximum or slower including but not limited to:  electric scooters, electric skateboards, hoverboards, electric unicycles.

Procession Rules

  1. The parade is not a race; It is a parade.  Please be prepared to proceed at a safe speed, while keeping a safe distance from the entry in front of you. 
  2. Disruptive behavior, such as erratic riding or excessive speed, by any entry will result in removal from the procession.
  3. Participants under 18 years of age must wear a helmet, with the exception of children in a stroller.
  4. Please do not stop in the middle of the route.  For assistance please pull over to the right side of the route, notify a parade marshall if necessary.
  5. Passing any entry in front of you is discouraged.  Please stay in the order of the starting parade line up.
  6. Please be courteous to the environment, neighborhood and fellow participants at all times.
  7. If you are not feeling well in any way, please stay home.  The event will be following any guidance and advice from the Ventura Public Health Department regarding public gatherings. 

Refund Policy

Registration fee is non refundable for any reason unless the event is cancelled by BikeVentura. 

How to Register:

Register now! Individuals, families, small groups, organizations, businesses are welcome.

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