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Written by Chris, Ventura Hub Lead

Talk to any bicycle mechanic and they will assure you there is no shortage of inspiration via the creativity that rolls through the shop doors on a daily basis. There’s not much that inspires me quite like seeing someone use a thing in a way it wasn’t intended to be used, especially when the result is a functional alternative. Here are my personal top sources of DIY inspiration from the Hubs over the past few months:

  • Compressor hose coupling welded to a universal joint to make a bicycle trailer hitch
  • Trail-a-bike being converted to a landscaping tool hauler
  • 12″ kid’s bike wheels used to build a produce hauler
  • Bicycle tubes replacing full suspension linkage bolts
  • Bicycle tubes used as tie-downs
  • Hot-Wheels toy car track used as an extra heavy-duty tire liner
  • Pvc pipe section zip tied to a basket to make a front light mount
  • Pvc seatpost sleeve to keep a seatpost from slipping
  • Super glue + glitter makes a stylish temporary tire patch
  • sooooo many washers and random spacers that weren’t meant to work that way but they’re getting the job done

Here’s hoping the next months are as full of creative solutions as the last.

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