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We’re growing, not just in space, but staff too! Starting this December, we have a new Executive Director: Joey Juhasz-Lukomski. The name is a mouthful, but for BikeVentura, the new leadership isn’t hard to swallow.

Joey brings a breadth of experiences and joins our team after four years at the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition where he served as Operations Manager for three of the four years. He brings his knowledge of not just successful advocacy campaigns, fundraising, and running Bici Centro (SB’s own DIY community bike shop), but also valuable institutional knowledge and organizational structure. “We’re going to grow, and grow the right way,” says Joey, “with this new space I only see things going up, up, up, and we’re going to run a tight ship.”

Joey also understands that while he is an avid bike commuter, road and mountain biker, and maybe even a little bit of a bike collector, that’s not necessarily who BikeVentura is here to serve. “We’ll listen to the community and put them first, and use the bicycle as a tool to improve people’s lives. My goal is to diversify our staff and board to fully represent our stakeholders and community. It starts with listening to community needs, and that’s what I aim to do.”

You can come talk to Joey when he’s around the HUB on the Avenue during open hours, or reach him at

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