Meet Eberardo and his custom strawberry harvest box wagon

On January 20, we had a different type of “bike” enter the Oxnard bike shop — a strawberry harvest box wagon! Eberardo uses this tool for his job, but due to the mud, he is constantly servicing the hub.

Holiday Bike Giveaway at the Oxnard Bike Hub

On December 10, we hosted a Holiday Kids Bike Giveaway at the Oxnard Bike Hub. Thank you to all of the elves (volunteer bike builders) and community members for your support. We couldn’t do this amazing work without you!

January Hub Yard Sale Success!

On January 9, we hosted a Bike Hub Yard Sale! With over 150 visitors, we’re calling it a major success. Thank you to all who shopped, donated, and volunteered. We couldn’t do it without you.