City Planning is Key for a Green City

Who Decides? Should the grocery store be on the edge of town, or in the neighborhood? What saves more resources – building a new community center or repurposing a historic one? Why do we pay to pump water to our gardens, and then flush rainwater down the drain? A typical…

Celebrate Green Lanes!

We have green lanes! Help us celebrate by riding with us and decorating cookies. Meet at Loma Vista School on November 4 at 2pm. More info at our Facebook event page. Then on Monday, let the City Council know how much you appreciate riding safely. We’re going to comment at 5:30….

Thank you, City Council!

The Ventura Bike Union gave the City Council and staff a sincere “thank you” at last week’s Council meeting for continuing progress on the Bicycle Master Plan, including our new green lanes, bike/ped bridge connecting Community Park and restriping key corridors in Ventura — Main Street, Thompson and Loma Vista….

Fresh Eggs from your Back Yard

Chickens are  a great addition to a home-grown veggie garden. They reduce bugs, eat scraps, provide high-quality organic fertilizer, and make cute pets – all the while, providing healthy food for the family. An excellent way to reduce your carbon foot print is through what you eat!  By growing food…